Theodore R Wray

Theodore R Wray

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member

Contact Information:

  • (703) 606-6033

Past Address:

  • (703) 208-2233
  • 7922 Peyton Forest Trl, Annandale, VA 22003-1560

Family Of Origin:

  • Mother: Julia Wray
  • Sister: Mary Wray
  • Step Sister: Kelly Keating

Theodore “Ted” R. Wray is a long time listener and member of the Inner Circle of Freedomain Radio. Ted’s lack of self esteem and integrity has made it impossible to stay close with members of FDR. His marriage to Nicola J. Blanchard (Nikki Wray) has been a complete disaster. Shortly after getting married, the two separated. Nikki was having regrets about marrying a beta male. While they were separated, Nikki had sex with Phil Crimmins, another member of the Inner Circle. For this, she was ostracized from Freedomain Radio forever. Ted being a sorry excuse for a man was happy to get back together with Nikki. The two are still married today. Ironically, Nikki broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years to move in with Ted. Apparently Ted hasn’t heard the saying “If she will cheat with you, she will cheat on you.”

Nikki Wray is the breadwinner of the home. Ted is stuck in his early childhood and thus has no desire to work. He is using Nikki in place of his mother. He didn’t get his needs met as a child and now is using his wife to satisfy those needs. This undoubtedly is a huge factor in Nikki’s lack of attraction to Ted. She sucks alpha cock on the side and stays with Ted merely for appearances. Funny enough, Nikki actually takes care of babies for a living. She works for Postpartum Doula as a nanny of sorts. Together, Ted and Nikki make for one truly dysfunctional couple.

Nikki Wray cheated on Ted with another Inner Circle member, Phil Crimmins.

Time Spent at FDR

  • “Michael, I was still there to some extent even a couple weeks ago. Try to have some sympathy. The folks who make excuses for him (my former self included) aren’t insane or stupid, they are for the most part just sentimental towards someone for who with all their flaws, egregious as some may be, still taught them a lot and was an important figure in their development. Folks often times have a lot of trouble accepting that there is any ambiguity to the character of a leader that they are invested in and who represents a portion of their own personal identity. I think it’s a similar situation to what happened with the contemporary followers of Ayn Rand.”

  • ” Randall, a couple of former inner-circle members of Molyneux’s fan community have come out publicly in a Freedom Feens podcast to discuss the cult-like behavior that goes on (or at least used to). Molyneux has done a lot to try and downplay the importance of deFOOing in his philosophy, and accusations of cult-like dynamics associated with his community, particularly during his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast where he was politely grilled about it. The testimony of these former members pretty strongly contradicts the image he tried to produce for himself during that conversation. I was also a part of that inner-circle community for some time (albeit maybe not to the same extent that the folks from the podcast were) and I can personally corroborate many of the things they talk about as far as Molyneux’s behavior towards high-level donators in the community and the horizontal social dynamics that he encouraged amongst those people, as well as the importance of deFOOing having been a strong and central tenant of his philosophy within the community despite his efforts to portray it publicly as a minor issue of focus.”

Ted Wray and wife, Cheating Nicola Blanchard Wray

Nikki’s FDR Posts

Hi everyone,

I have wanted to post on the board for months but I have just kept putting it off again and again. These last few days I have been sick with a stomach bug so have done nothing but lay in bed and listen to podcasts and occasionally attempt sitting up to read some threads. After doing this, I got the impulse to start posting and I decided it was time to work out why I wasnt posting, what I was afraid of. This made my mind flick back to a conversation I had with my fiance a few days back. He is a regular listener and has posted a few times on the board, so we are fairly used to having chats about things we struggle with. I had gotten particularly anxious in a conversation we were having and after a long talk I discovered that im super scared of being judged (and also that its ok to judge and be judged). There are so many amazing people on here and im far too used to great people being arrogant and impatient with those less advanced in their area of ability. I was too busy thinking about the negative thoughts that might come up for people when they read my post, to just post and be curious about the replies I might get.

I was introduced to FDR for the first time in June 2008 and rejected it within about 5 podcasts because I was more interested in critising Stef than listening to the content…which of course I understand now. A friend that I had spoken to online for 2yrs had sent me the link saying that there are some great podcasts available for free and maybe id like to check them out. I did but I was overly critical of everyone and anyone back then so didnt stick it out long. I ended up meeting this friend in October as he came to live with me and some friends in a house we rented in Canada for 2008 (im from the UK originally). I then got reintroduced to the podcasts but this time had a much more open mind to it. I then read RTR and after a few weeks of stress and extreme depression I decided to leave a 3.5yr relationship that was getting me nowhere, putting me further backwards if anything. I left Canada to go and stay in America with the friend who introduced me to FDR. This fairly rapidly blossomed into the most beautiful relationship I could ever want, something I had never ever imagined possible. I began to feel more free, I developed my own preferences in life, I stopped fearing unjustified negative critisism upon every move I make and every word I speak. At 20 yrs old I am finally learning who I really am, and learning that yes I am different to most people, but that its not a bad thing. Me and this guy are now engaged and I am about to start the visa process to move to America.

I think that my childhood and previous relationship are responsible for me being so shit scared of making my first post. But I need to remember that most people on here are like my fiance and myself. I have to stop looking at you all as a collective ‘board members’ because that is only making me fear as I would somebody at school. There is so much I have to learn, and I think I have taken the first step to being able to talk with people who can help, and perhaps even help others in the near future. I knew since the age of 5 that I was not like most other kids. My mum recalls me crying to her about how im different. I look forward to talking to other people who are not like most, and I look forward to the confidence and positivity this can help to bring.

Thank you all for being you!

Take care,

Nikki xxx

(And here, just before I click ‘post’, comes the tight chest :P)

Source Notice Phil Crimmins eyeing his prey…

I left school, like I said, at 16 and by 17 had my first job. My boyfriend at the time lived a 3.5hr journey away from me and we had been in a relationship for over a year so decided at 17 (nearly 18) to get our own place. I was still on talking and visiting terms with my parents so knew that if things didnt work I could crawl back to them.

After that I ended up getting a place some friends and the boyfriend, who is now my ex, but this didnt work out as me and my ex split up, so I lived with my parents for a few months. Then me and my ex got back together and went to live with some friends in Canada for a year before splitting for good, and after that I came back to my parents for a few weeks before travelling to America for 3 months.

Now I am living back with them AGAIN!….kinda complicated but just wanted to share how I moved out at 17 but was still heavily dependant on my parents financial support and knowing that I could go back whenever I needed to. I went back many times which was frustrating but its nice to know that I have my room here whenever.

I am moving out for good next year (so il be 21) when I move to the states. I cant wait! [:D]

I think that if you want to move out because you cant get on with your family, it is best to wait until you know that you can stand alone and wont need to go back. I say this because after your taste of freedom, its even harder than before to deal with again. If my circumstances were different I would have waited. I hope this helps [:)


Cheating Nicola Blanchard Wray

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