Stefan Molyneux

On September 24, 1966 a baby boy was born. He was named Stefan. This little boy would suffer unimaginable child abuse at the hands of his family. But it would be worth it. For little did this boy know that he would go on to be the greatest philosopher that had ever existed. He would succeed where others had failed. He would live his values, though the heavens may fall, ridding himself of all hypocrisy. Were it not for Stefan Molyneux, we may have had to wait yet another 2500 years for a philosopher capable of advancing the human condition.

In order to bring virtue to the world, Stefan would have to prove that there was even such a thing as virtue. He would have to prove that morality was not just subjective preference, but based on objective principles. Knowing that he was the only one capable of such a task, Stefan set out on his quest. He would enter the dragon’s lair and slay the beast. Lest the world be lost for all eternity.

This Dragon would not be easily defeated. It was cunning. “‘Tis a childish quest”, argued the dragon. “Only a child believes in such simple black and white morality.” Stefan marched closer to the beast, sword drawn. He did not come this far to be stopped by petty non-arguments. The dragon opened its jaw and spit fire. Asking, “Would you not force a man to press a button to save a million lives?” Stefan was not swayed by this. Hypothetical, disaster scenarios do not change moral principles. Raising his sword to the air, aiming for the neck of the Dragon, Stefan thought back to his childhood. He remembered the times when his teachers told him it was wrong to use force to get what you want. He remembered the moral lectures he received for the pettiest of actions, while the adults committed true immorality. With a final swing, Stefan screamed “I LISTENED!!!!!!!.” The Dragon’s head fell to the ground, and with it, thousands of years of moral relativism.

And so it was..Universally Preferable Behavior was unleashed to the world…

Freedomain Radio

What started as a small podcast series recorded on Stefan’s drive to work has grown into the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world. Members of the community strive to live virtuous lives and are encouraged to abandon abusive relationships.


After Stefan’s birth his mother Hortence became seriously depressed. He was taken care of by a very nurturing nanny and believes that this was crucial in the development of his mirror neurons. Stefan holds that this is the reason for which he is more empathetic than his brother, Hugh, who was not cared for by a nanny.

Hortence divorced Tom Molyneux shortly after Stefan’s birth. Tom couldn’t deal with the family stress and departed for Africa where he worked as a geologist. Hugh and Stefan were left to deal with their mother. Hortence spent her days sleeping with various men, one of which molested Stefan. When Stefan tried to run away, his mother beat him. Hortence viewed her children as objects; existing purely for her enjoyment. She loved the attention that her two blonde-blue eyed boys brought to her. This was significant in the development of her children’s narcissism.

Stefan longed to see his Father. When he was 16 he traveled to Africa to spend the summer with him. He had sucked his thumb to fall asleep his entire life until spending his first night in Tom’s home. During his visit, Stefan accompanied his father on an expedition through the desert. He had a hard time keeping pace and recalls Tom being unsympathetic, sharply commanding him to hurry up. As Stefan grew older, people were shocked when he referred to Tom as his “Father in Law.”

Where Stefan found that simply obeying his mother was the best strategy for surviving his childhood, his brother differed. Hugh would resist Hortence’s commands. As Stefan recalls, this only made things worse. Hugh got a great deal of satisfaction by tormenting his younger brother. Stefan has bad memories of the mind-games that siblings typically play on each other in dysfunctional families. The best memories they have as children are when Hortence was away on long vacations.

Hortence lived off disability payments. Stefan describes her as a hypochondriac, going from doctor to doctor seeking validation for undetectable illnesses. She even underwent electro shock therapy. Hortence hated her self described “jew-nose” and had a nose-job done. None of her treatments and surgeries changed her underlying depression. She frequently walked around the house naked in clear view of her sons, desperate for validation. Now in her old age, unable to attract men, she lives a lonely existence.

Hugh and Stefan co-founded Caribou Systems a software engineering company and enjoyed financial success. Hugh had married an Indian woman named Susan Malik and had two daughters, Jessa and Sonya Molyneux. Stefan was also dating an Indian woman in a relationship that lasted seven years.

As their careers progressed, Stefan was having serious concerns about the way his brother was conducting business. Hugh Molyneux and another executive at Caribou allegedly conducted a shady business practice called “stuffing the pipe” to inflate stock price before the sale of the company. Stefan holds that Hugh destroyed the business the two had worked so hard to achieve. Hugh continues to work in the software industry at Refined Data Solutions while Stefan decided he needed a hiatus and hasn’t returned since.


Money wasn’t making Stefan happy. Things had to change. He broke up with his girlfriend, stopped speaking to his mother, and went to therapy. Stefan felt that he was making tremendous progress and began trying to connect with his brother. Hugh resisted talking about their childhoods. Once when trying to talk about his cruel behavior towards Stefan, Hugh burst into tears. Stefan started to realize that his brother was irredeemably corrupt and would not be able to join him on a path to a happier life.

It was a slow process, but deep down Stefan knew he would have to ostracize his entire family of origin. His wife, Christina Molyneux, in podcast #246 recalls a conversation between she and Jessa Molyneux. Jessa asked Christina, “What do you think of Grandmother (Hortence Molyneux)?” Christina replied that Stefan has some very good reasons not to see her. The two didn’t have much of a connection after that.


  1. Anonymous

    Nice bio. Sound a bit like Jim Jones to me.

  2. Anonymous

    Yea, nice bio. To me it sound a bit like Ron L. Hubbard.
    Watch: “Going Clear”.

    • Anonymous

      An Ad hominem? Really? At least try to be creative.

    • Anonymous

      L. Ron Hubbard, duh!

  3. Jeff A. Marlatt

    The virtue of humility apparently doesn’t make his list.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t understand this website. Is it promoting defoo or is it supporting people who have?

  5. Anonymous

    Nuttier than squirrel shit!!!

  6. Anonymous

    The greatest philosopher that had ever existed, whose saying what now ?

  7. selfadoration

    What Molyneux is doing is an endlessly repeated pantomime of parricide by proxy. According to his accounts he was victim of vicious child abuse. He was beaten and brow-beaten by his mother, as well as being put through at least nine transitions – changes of homes and additions or subtractions of putative family members – where one is often sufficient to derail a child’s life. But that is why distinguishing actual outrage from paddling toddlers matters: Molyneux is obsessively living out a vengeance fantasy with other children’s parents for his own parents’ crimes.
    The purpose defooing is to inflict what Stefan Molyneux believes to be the most excruciating possible pain upon their parents. His motive is not to help anyone but to kill and re-kill his own parents infinitely in pantomime. The accusations of child abuse serve as camouflage for the actual horrifying parricide – the deliberate murder of one’s own parents – endlessly repeated.

    • busted

      Exactly, moly cannot stand the thought of kids having families, with parents and relatives that loved them and take care of them. Moly, you are still trapped in your abused past. You are messed up and want to mess other peoples lives. Breaking families validates you ; itmakes you fell that you are not the only one that was abused. Just as the kid that fails a test in school. When he first gets the grade, he feels ashamed. But, when others get lowers grades than him, he does not fell bad anymore. He doesn’t feel like a looser. Moly, you are a looser! You cover is busted. Get some help!

      • Iulian

        You can explain it like that to yourself if you want. Or you could check the facts about what physical abuse, verbal abuse, spanking, ignoring and all other miss-treatments do to a child. Saying Molyneux had a horrible childhood and now wants to separate other children that were abused from there parents doesn’t nullify the truth. If you are abused as a child you have no obligation towards your parents as an adult. You can choose what you want, yet rewarding your abuser with your love is not the good thing to do. I hope you don’t have the same strategy with murderers and thieves.

        • half truths and deception

          I do not follow any philosophy blindly. I check facts and abundant sources. Not sure you have done the same…Have you consulted anybody a outside moly? Have you researched WHAT CONSTITUTES child abuse from reliable, professional sources (ie, not what moly and circle say)? It seems that you are regurgitating moly’s half truths, deception, indoctrination.

        • Mona Montgomery

          Our penal system uses force against criminals. It locks them up. If you have a child who will not obey the rules without corporal punishment you are setting them up to be punished by the much harsher outside world if you do NOT punish them in a way that forces them to acknowledge your authority. Your children may never respect you because you may not be worthy of respect. But you MUST teach your children to acknowledge your authority and submit to it so that they will be able to deal with the authority in the world by being polite, obeying the rules, etc. If you do not make your children ready and able to deal with authority you are setting your children up for the worst possible life. Shame on you!

          • Moonman

            Last I remembered, corporal punishment has been banned in all Western schools and prisons. It’s a cheap, outdated form a of discipline, and doesn’t at all model society (your boss isn’t going to beat you if you stuff up). There’s reasons for this, which you’ve obviously thrown under the rug, just like all the modern strategies for disciplining children.

            You could just let your children starve without dinner or supper if they fall out of line, which ISN’T unhealthy and which DOES model the consequences of falling out of line in society. But no, the abusive mother cannot think outside the box.

    • Anonymous


  8. vecta

    Most people have issues with their parents, who are only human after all. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes – often big ones. However, life is so very difficult and all sorts of situations go wrong all the time and put incredible pressure on family life. Sadly, few cope rationally all the time and can handle the stress.
    I believe life to be nothing more than a great long series of problem-solving, one after the other, often over-lapping, from beginning to end.
    What about the happiness for adults that comes from forgiveness, reconcilliation and putting the past to rest instead of raking over all the bad memories again and again? Nobody is perfect.
    Distance yourself by all means for a time, visit only occasionally. After all, absence makes the heart grow stronger but where is the harm in a friendly letter, a card, the occasional call?
    There is also the aspect of being mature, rising above the past and owning it, then moving on and being kind as opposed to being a slave to the past and remaining its victim by being vindictive and cruel.
    Time is very short, act now while you have the time or more regret may be in store for you in the future.
    Love is the answer.

  9. Pat

    You should stay away from abusers whether parents or others. However, Molyneux’s idea of abusers is rather broad-if you’ve been circumcised-really? If you were raised in a religion? Where is the realization that if ones parents were not perfect, it may be because they themselves were not perfectly raised-as Molyneux imagines he is doing with his daughter? God help him. He’s an incredible narcissist, borderline paranoid if you read his section on his “inner circle” and clearly deeply troubled.

    • Moonman

      Probably not grounds for abandoning your parents but circumcision (aka genital mutilation) is outright disgusting, and I despise any pervert who disagrees with me.

  10. Anonymous

    I think he’s great. I listen to many podcasts and while I go through amazon or proflowers or mangrate for BBMMP or DDFH or SYSK…..FDR is the only one where I give a small cash donation. He’s really opened my ways to a new format of thinking. I love all these IT’S a CULT WEBSITES!!!!!

    it’s more of NO…it’s great content, and it’s so good that I want to give a small amount to produce more. it’s hilariously simple.


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