Kent Richard Knitter Jr.

Kent Richard Knitter Jr.

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member


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  • Past Address: 155 Vista Dr, 43230, OH
  • PO Box 2153, Escondido, California 92033
  • (760) 741-7508
  • 839 Commonwealth Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312

Family Of Origin:

  • Father: Kent Knitter
  • Mother: Peggy Knitter
  • Sister: Leann Hollis
  • Sister: Renee Andreas


Richard Knitter and Colleen Cowgill Niagra Falls

Inner Circle Members Richard Knitter and Colleen Cowgill at Niagara Falls

Kent Richard Knitter Jr. is an ex member of the Molyneux’s Inner Circle. After graduating from Cal State San Marcos in 2007, he moved across the country to live with his then girlfriend, Colleen Cowgill. The two were heavily involved in FDR, and both went through the DeFOO process. Rich has done a ReFOO, reconnecting with his abusive parents and corrupt siblings. He slowly drifted away from FDR after breaking up with Colleen in the summer of 2009. He now works as a software developer and entrepreneur in Atlanta, GA.

Colleen Cowgill mentions that Richard Knitter was offended by a Freedomain Radio podcast on sibling abuse. Richard has some guilt about the way he treated his younger sisters.

Richard tried out several different therapists in conjunction with with his conversations with Stefan Molyneux. He wrote a blog post detailing his experience in CBT Therapy on November 9th, 2008.

I desire for my love of the truth to shine through in my own life. It’s true, there is no god. It’s true, the government is just a group of men with guns. But, I am not married to these conclusions. If I am presented with reason and evidence that these conclusions are false I will change my position. That is why I do not want to be known as an atheist anarchist. I want to be known as a philosopher and I want that to shine through in my every action, rather than through a flag or a symbol.

Richard Knitter

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member

Richard Knitter seen with Family of Origin

Podcast Appearances

Level Download Description
843 The Velvet Mirror – Rich discusses the role of FDR in his life.
965 Richard discusses his confrontation with his parents. His mother “freaked out” when he brought up his childhood. Now Rich, is having panic attacks when Colleen talks about her parents.
1048 Stefan and Rich discuss the benefits of rising gas prices during the first part of the call in show.
1054 @ 38:20 Stefan analyzes Rich’s dream about seeing his Father again. They also discuss relying on friendships.
1091 Richard discusses his fear of going into debt and his relationship with money.
1152 Richard is on the fence about actually living his values. He feels that he is holding his girlfriend, Colleen Cowgill back. He also expresses concern about what people will think if he decides to DEFOO. He is afraid to socialize with his coworkers because they are not anarchists and atheists.

First all, let me talk about her intelligence. Of course her physical beauty is what first caught my eye, but it was her articulate insight and understanding of philosophy that kept me around. I had never come across a person with such a passion for knowledge and truth. It excited me so much and gave me back all of the hope that I had lost about the world. She woke something up in me that had been aching to get out for years, but was unable to due to the people that I had surrounded myself with.

When she introduced me to Objectivism, I fought hard against the logic she was presenting me with. I was honestly frightened because long held comfortable truths were quickly dissolving before my eyes. Also, I realized that logic and truth had become my enemies for some reason, and this was the first time in a long time that I had considered them to be allies. Without her I would probably still be lost on the tumultuous sea of moral subjectivism, and subjectivism in general. I may have been able to pull myself out of the mire eventually, but I doubt to the level that I am at now because of her.

Her active mind woke mine up. From Objectivism to anarcho-capitalism to “I’m feeling X but I don’t know why” has been the healthiest journey of my life. I have her to thank for being relentless and passionate in her pursuit of the truth.

She has helped me to stop finding comfort in illusions and face reality no matter how hard it is to look at. When I read back on my old journal I see that despite my deep cynicism with the world, my goal from the beginning was to disillusion myself. No one has helped me achieve that goal more than Colleen and I owe my life to her for it. That was my highest value all along, what my true self wanted, and her true self is what allowed mine to come out and actively pursue the truth.

Her intelligence is one thing, but what she does with that intelligence is what I really love her for. She lives her values. I mean, really, truly lives her values. Her example has helped me to live mine as well, and I still think that living your values is the road to happiness.

She is someone I want to spend my life in awe of. I can not imagine my life without having such a wonderful person by my side. I feel extremely lucky for finding her and brave for pursuing her when I did find her. She uplifts me in every aspect of my life.

We do have times when our relationship is hard, especially when we are really looking at our painful past. Honesty is something that was stifled for both of us as children and something that we still find to be a fearful pursuit. But when we are able to look at each other, and realize that we are here for each other to help and not hurt, the honesty serves to strengthen everything about us and our relationship. That she is willing to help me overcome my past, and be trusting enough to let me help her overcome hers… just another reason that I love her.

I desire to back up my talk with action. I want to show her that I love her by living my values as consistently as possible, being honest with her and helping to lift her as high as she lifts me.

I love you Colleen. Thank you for loving me.

Richard Knitter

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member, "Why I Love Colleen"


Highly experienced project manager and Internet marketer seeking the next level of professional development. Self-managed, concise communicator, skilled at working with small and large teams, under strict budgeting and project deadlines.

• Experienced managing multiple projects at a time, working with team members and clients to complete work on time and on budget. • Bring new processes to the workplace and constantly refine them, helping to increase productivity. • Successfully overcome challenges such as meeting budgets, timelines, and planning available resources. • Knowledge of web development principles and business processes to help ease communication flow between developers and clients. • Experience managing Internet marketing campaigns ranging from Google AdWords, social network consulting to e-mail newsletter distribution. • Experience running my own company managing multiple freelancers and consultants to complete several projects simultaneously.


Interactive Project Manager, Scout Marketing — December 2011 – Present

• Manage digital projects for a large consumer packaged goods brand and multiple pharmaceutical brand web properties. • Familiar with FDA Pharmaceutical Advertising laws. • Help manage a team of three project managers and multiple in-house and outsourced developers. • Responsibilities include project planning, meeting scheduling, budget recommendations, timelining, wireframing, keeping staff on track, and quality assurance before the launch of a project. • Create, manage and optimize SEM/Facebook advertising campaigns with budgets in excess of $100K per year, including special promotions.

Interactive Project Manager, HSWI (Remark Media) — August 2011 – December 2011

• Managed the tail-end of a large web project for The Discovery Channel, worked with a team of five developers to keep within project budget, specifications and deadline. • Laid-off due to downsizing.

Interactive Project Manager, AirTight Web Design — July 2008 – August 2011

• Managed 5-6 major projects at a time, along with a dozen small projects concurrently. • Worked with four developers on each project to keep within project budget, specifications and deadline. • Managed projects ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 clients. • Created, sent and tracked e-mail newsletters using services such as MailChimp, iContact and Constant Contact. • Consulted with clients and researched and executed SEO plans. • Created and managed Google AdWords campaigns with budgets up to $10,000 per month. • Sent monthly detailed analytics reports to clients and provided advice on how to improve traffic or goal completions using Google Analytics and other stat-tracking programs. • Consulted on social media campaigns such as Twitter and Facebook, and helped client gather the resources necessary to sustain their online presence.

Owner, Rich and Clever Web Services — July 2006 – July 2008

• Owned and operated a web development company. • Managed multiple freelancers and consultants to complete several projects simultaneously, providing extensive experience managing time, budgets, and personnel. • Provided Internet marketing services to clients including AdWords setup and support.

Freelance Web Services — June 1999 – July 2006

• Designed and maintained promotional and informational websites. • Developed custom-fit marketing plans, helping boost revenue and sales. • Created MySQL databases for product lists to work in conjunction with dynamic PHP support pages.

IT Manager & Internet Sales, Bamboo Headquarters Nursery — July 2000 – July 2006

• Managed office network. • Designed MS Excel/Access inventory database for products. • Helped create a new revenue stream by developing an e-commerce website. • Marketed site using AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and SEO (achieving page one search results for primary keywords). • Maintained website and assisted in fulfilling all online orders. • Designed and managed offline marketing campaigns, including flyers, business cards, and mass mailings.

Education & Honors California State University, San Marcos — Graduated 2005

• Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Management Information Systems option). • Sigma Iota Epsilon — Honorary business fraternity, volunteer webmaster. • Senior Experience Project — POS Digital Signage Effectiveness. Project of Distinction Award.

Blog Posts

Rich has been blogging for over a decade. His first blog was ‘Miniature American Flags’, a political satire website birthed during his college years. He ended up shutting the website down around 2008, feeling that he had outgrown that phase of his life. Rich then started the ‘Living Up To My Name’ blog. Therein he contemplated his philosophical journey and in particular his time spent at Freedomain Radio.

Speaking of romance, that is something that I was pretty worried about early on. One of my more popular posts on this blog is about that subject and I highly recommend reading it. I have to say it still rings true mostly. I had one romantic interest earlier this year and put as much honesty and integrity into it that I could muster, but unfortunately the fates said, “not now”. I am glad I had that experience because it helped me prove to myself that I could be honest early on and get that honesty in return. It also reminded me that I have a lot to work through before I am going to be ready for a serious relationship again. My trust levels are still pretty low after my last relationship and I find myself spending many bitter moments in self reflection. I am okay with that bitterness, because it is best to experience it now, rather than it show up in my next relationship. Also being alone isn’t a bad thing. Being able to do what I want, when I want, without worrying about someone elses feelings is a freeing feeling. The amount of creativity that has been available to me grows by the day. I am not saying you can’t have that in a relationship, but I have had some form of a relationship with someone else since I was 19 and have not had this much alone time since I was a teen. Almost an entire decade without being able to experience my adult life alone has left me disoriented and disconnected with many parts of my personality and my time alone has been extremely valuable.” – July 7, 2011


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