Niara Modi

Niara Modi

Molyneux's Ex-Fiance, Film Director

Vancouver Film School
McGill University
World College of Adriatic

Throughout his twenties, Molyneux dated an Indian woman named Niara Modi for around seven years. The Landmark Forum pressured Stefan to make a marriage proposal to Niara. She accepted and they were engaged and living together for roughly two years. Unfortunately, Modi wouldn’t put as much into the relationship as Molyneux.

In 1998, Molyneux had spent a small fortune producing the film ‘After’, a WWII drama. He selflessly spent time and fortune aiding Modi in her precarious career. After years and years of study, Modi was only able to get a job as a secretary. Largely due to Molyneux’s creative genius, the film was a finalist in the 1998 Hollywood Film Festival. Today, Modi falsely claims that she produced the flim when in fact the film was funded almost entirely by Molyneux. She was merely the film Director.

After all of this, Modi showed no reciprocation in the relationship. When Molyneux asked her to read a novel he was hoping to get published, she answered that she “wasn’t motivated” to read it. Niara is an extreme narcissist.

Modi was verbally abusive and would frequently berate Molyneux for even the slightest grievance. During one such incident, Molyneux fought back. Over the course of their relationship, he had made tremendous progress: now the CTO of a successful software company. On the other hand, Modi had made zero progress in her life. Molyneux began to realize that her criticisms of him were nothing more than a projection of her own insecurities. He had no choice but to end the engagement.

I think I’m kind of getting, that the level of complaints that you have about me over the last seven years have barely diminished. But your life has barely improved. In fact, in many ways it has gotten worse. So I get that it’s not about me and it’s not about my life.

Stefan Molyneux


Today, Molyneux is happily married to a virtuous and honest woman. He knows that the best revenge is to live a virtuous and happy life. Niara reminisces about what her life could have been.


  1. R. Cahill

    Check your facts. Niara Modi is the writer/director/producer of a film called “Stir,” which is currently on the festival circuit. Her focus is on her family’s future, not Stefan’s past.

    • Anonymous

      R. Cahill: Um… you are aware that there is an 18 year difference between 1998 and 2016?… Right? Or are you having a Chronological, Temporal, or other sort of disorder?

      • Another Kanye Lover

        It looks like Molyneux is the only narcissist here. I was looking up “huge narcissists in contemporary culture” on google and the results were: Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Stefan Molyneux. Having never heard of Stefan Molyneux I continued reading about him and all I found was him talking about himself. He blames this woman for his shitty writing career, his failure in the software industry, and his failure as a man. No real man goes about blathering about his enlightenment when he obviously has his head up his ass. In another article I read that he ruined his current wife’s career. Can anyone say Ron L. Hubbard????

        The dangers of google on a slow day at work. Learning about all the undiscovered genius assholes out there. Get a life!

  2. Anonymous

    Yow. Seven years?!?!! It took him a long time to figure it out, meanwhile she spent her 20s on him when she was at her prettiest and most fertile. What kind of person dedicates a webpage to an old girlfriend/fiancé that dumped him? And then bitterly tells the world two decades later?

    The Occam’s Razor explanation is that she left when it became apparent Moly was balding.


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