Nathan McKaskle

Nathan McKaskle

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member

Contact Information:

  • 1700 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, APT 1901
  • 215 839-9376

  • 6731 Lozier Houston, Texas 77021
  • (713) 835-2714

  • AIM: sephethus

Family of Origin:

  • (Father) Dr. Blake McKaskle
  • (Mother) Connie McKaskle
  • Company: 22167 Westheimer Pkw, Suite 110, Katy, TX 77450
  • 281-599-8003
  • (Brother) Derek McKaskle
  • (Brother) Grant McKaskle

Nathan McKaskle is a man(?) that delved way too deep into Freedomain Radio without having the intellectual capacity to understand the concepts, let alone apply them consistently to his life. He is a real mouth breather. After years of self knowledge and therapy he still struggles to have any insight on his own behavior. Stefan Molyneux gets really annoyed with Nathan in nearly every discussion with him. Stefan is constantly asking “Seriously? After years in this conversation you still can’t put 2 and 2 together??”

I am very metro, very neat, very clean, very organized. I get highlights, I style it every morning, I try to make my bed but its a king size bed and I have yet to figure out how to make it work for me. I have a gay room mate who is also very clean and neat. Perfect combo.

Nathan McKaskle

Nathan was considering a romantic relationship with Charlotte Bowen, fellow Inner Circle member. In podcast 1047, Stefan provides relationship therapy.

Nathan has a desperate desire for attention and validation. He’s not particularly good looking, but he sure does try hard. He bleaches his teeth and gets highlights in his hair. He actively sought out a gay roommate with no intention of having sex, simply to feel validated sexually.

This girl was invited over a couple of times. Once at my birthday party – i had been sitting in the chair next to her, and I don’t know if I would hold her hand or whatever…but I would get these huge disapproving looks of shame from my mother.

Nathan McKaskle

Furthermore, Nathan frequented a gay bar for months on end, flirting with the gay bartender. Nathan would go into deep discussions about relationships, therapy, and childhood. Nathan was shocked when the bartender showed romantic interest. In podcast # 1257, Nathan calls to discuss the situation with Molyneux. Nathan is even considering complaining to the management to have the bartender fired.

At one point, Nathan was flirting heavily with Charlotte Gauthier, another member of the Inner Circle. When Charlotte showed interest or reciprocated, Nathan then proceeded to turn her down and tell her she looks like a boy.

These creepy sexual tendencies didn’t start at the bar. Nathan got his very first boner in the bathtub with his own brother. He was constantly trying to kiss little girls and touch them as a child. Nathan is constantly trying to defile and humiliate everyone around him through sex. This was a serious concern for his Mother.

I remember my first erection. I just remember it being quite innocent, you know, my brother and I in the bathtub. We’re taking a bath and I was eight or nine. And then my Mom comes in and says “Oh, that’s shameful!”

Nathan McKaskle

Podcast 850 @ 49:00

 Podcast Appearances

Level Download Description
594 Stefan analyzes Nathan’s “Nothing in the Church” dream. Went to church camp “WildWood” in the 8th grade. Went to Church of Christ near Houston. Nathan mentions how he had lent a car to an old girlfriend. She wrecked the thing and never paid him back.
595 Stefan analyzes Nathan’s “Coming to Life” dream. Nathan’s stoner roommate shows up in the dream. His roommate attacks him.
699 Nathan calls in to discuss a situation regarding sleeping over at a girls house. ~ 2 Hours.
850 Nathan discusses his codependent tendencies. He was shamed for his attraction to girls when he was a young boy. Nathan’s Mother was afraid that he was going to have sexual relations with these girls. He talks about his first erection. He achieved his first erection with his brother in the bathtub.
1047 Nathan discusses the possibility of a romantic relationship with Charlotte Gauthier. Nathan told Charlotte that “you look like a boy.” LOL. Nathan is such a mouth breathing dumbfuck that Stefan has to threaten to kick him out of the call.
1057 Stefan is annoyed that Nathan has told Joey Carlisle about his personal journal. Nathan revealed private information about Stef on his blog. Nathan starts crying.
1257 Nathan calls into the Sunday Show for guidance on yet another sexual “problem”. This time, he has led a gay man on. He met the guy at a gay bar and is shocked that the guy made sexual advances. Nathan is desperate for attention and validation. He is even willing to get this validation from gay men if need be.
1266 Nathan struggles with road rage.
1281 Nathan is having trouble deciding what he wants to do with his life.
1407 Nathan discusses a coworker named “Jamie” who he has been flirting with and compares their interactions with those at FDR.
1492 The UPB’s of Love.
1657 Nathan McKaskle discusses his therapy.
2177 Nathan discusses peaceful parenting and universal ethics.

I was married once. It didn’t end so badly and we’re still good friends, no kids either. She’s been listening to some of Stef’s podcasts I think, so I’ve been told. It didn’t really work out though and I think it was more my fault than anything, but she had some real insecurity issues, I also had those same issues but never accepted it or sought therapy because all the therapists I’d been sent to were christian therapists, or quite a few of them. Of those that weren’t oddly they pissed off my parents more so because they ended up blaming them for being the problem and that it wasn’t me who was the problem or the “defective – not normal” one. I’m trying to figure out where she fits in my life now that we’re divorced. She’s a good girl but we both have issues to deal with and I think she’s kind of acknowledging hers and she’s rid herself of the people in her life that really held her back (her sister mainly). Letting go of the irrational and abusive people in your life is not easy. I still kind of think I can bring my girlfriend over to “my side” as well. I don’t think it’ll happen and if it does thats great, score one for rationalism and relationships. I’ve taken the non-aggression approach to the “bringing her over to my side” thing. By backing away and moving on, I’m hoping she’ll follow me and I can see that she understands what I’m looking for. Women are just weird.

Nathan McKaskle

Arbitrary Projection: A Conversation

  • Nov. 1st, 2008 at 11:14 AM
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: I think I know why you remain nervous
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: oh? It’s not because I’m trying to control your perception of me?
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: well that is a symptom I think
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: but I was very struck how, when I posted about the video successes of FDR, you said ‘you are doing very well’
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: do you remember that?
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: yeah
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: and you said “we are doing very well”
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: do you know why I changed that?
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: well, I thought that perhaps you meant that we are all involved in that success
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: no?
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: it means that you are hanging onto your perception of yourself as an outsider
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: ohh
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: quite right that is definitely true
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: with a tenuous bond
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: which means a precarious relationship
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: which means nervousness around an ‘authority figure’
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: a need to praise, placate and appease
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: in order to maintain your ‘status’
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: yes that sounds like my whole life
Greg Minton: good morning
Stefan Molyneux: good morning, Greg!
Nathan to Greg Minton: hey
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: wow
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: yeah that hit a deep nerve
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: and that means that you perceive me as arbitrary and unjust, at least at some level
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: you have to, to maintain the illusion of precariousness
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: well, I don’t think that you are, there’s no evidence for it
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: well it is a projection
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: but yes
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: in this case, it would be you who is arbitrary and unjust
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: right exactly
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: by being ‘frightened’ of me
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: if that makes any sense
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: I say this with all respect and compassion, of course
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: right, it’s a vicious circle or something
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: and totally thank you for bringing it up, which I know cannot have been easy
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: well it really affects our relationship and my relationship to everyone else here
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: and I want to fix that
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: it would be such a relief
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: it will be fixed when you accept that you control your rejection around virtuous people
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: it is not arbitrary
Greg Minton: hey greg
GregG: mornin’ g
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: I’m not sure how that looks in practice?
GregG: how are you?
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: like what would be an example of that
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: well but it is not practice, it is thought
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: oh
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: ‘virtuous people will never reject me if I am virtuous’
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: oh!
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: ‘if I am virtuous, and people reject me, they are not virtuous’
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: ‘If others are virtuous, and they reject me, I am doing something dishonorable’
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: that gives you total control over being rejected
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: oh right I almost got to that answer yesterday when I ways laying down and relaxing and exploring this, but that puts it into total clarity I think
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: it’s like, ok if I’m trying to gain the effects of being virtuous then that’s manipulative
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: and controlling
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: the whole d’Anconia’s speech thing
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: the sad thing is that you are not trying to gain the effects of being virtuous
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: I don’t think you are being manipulative that way at all
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: I think that you are trying to gain the effects of being non-virtuous instead
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: oh
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: that is the real tragedy
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: oh wow
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: simon the boxer then
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: ‘Stef is virtuous, he will reject me’
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: = ‘I am dishonorable’
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: do you see how you are maintaining the low self-esteem through this?
Stefan Molyneux to Nathan: it is quite unnecessary at this point
Nathan to Stefan Molyneux: yes quite clearly now


  1. Nathan

    Remove me and my name and my information from this website immediately. This psychotic cyberbullying, harassment, defamation, doxxing and stalking needs to stop. My lawyer will be in touch.

  2. tyrone

    Podcast 1047 has been removed from the linked playlist. Same with 1057 but you appear to have that one linked to a direct host. Any chance we can get the link for 1047 and other removed podcasts?

  3. Ishitinyourmouth

    Mr No Government Nathan Egomaniac douche pussy wants to sue everybody who disagrees with him. Soldier of butthurt censorship hypocrite club. Keep up good work with this website. It a great warning to others. People learn Stefan care more about his ego and PAY subscriptions than protecting his member’s personal info or even his wife’s livelihood.

    PS #850 is absent from feedomainradio’s podcasts now but first erection comment was telling bwhahahaaaa!


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