Keith Cowgill

Keith Cowgill

Founder of FDR Liberated | Creative Director at GSW Worldwide | Colleen's Father

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  • Wife: Mary C (Ungvarsky) Cowgill – Married April 30th 1983
  • Son: Edward David Cowgill
  • Daughter: Colleen Mary Cowgill
  • Mother: Dorothy Ruth Cowgill
  • Pamela S Cowgill
  • Courtney D Wright

  • Brother: Kevin Joseph Cowgill
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The controversial practice of DeFOOing in the Freedomain community was bound to create some enemies. Most parents view a DeFOO as a teenage temper tantrum that will inevitably resolve itself. But a small minority of parents take the threat of never seeing their child again very, very seriously. They panic. In the case of Barbara Weed, she went directly to the media after her son, Tom’s, DeFOOing. She believed that by fighting Freedomain Radio she might have a chance of getting back her son. It didn’t work. Tom has steadfastly refused to ReFOO. Though some parents have better luck..

Keith Cowgill is the father of Colleen Cowgill, the most controversial member of Molyneux’s Inner Circle. In March of 2008, with the personal support of Molyneux and her boyfriend, Colleen decided to DeFOO. Her primary compaints about her childhood were being physically abused, lied to about Christianity, and she claims to have been molested. While Colleen was away, Keith happened upon something very interesting. She had left her monitor on a peculiar website: ‘‘. “This is it he thought. This is what has stolen my Colleen.” He began vigorously researching the online community. Posting on the forum, listening to podcasts, and combing over Molyneux’s books.

As time went on, Keith and Mary began to fear that this wasn’t your average teenage rebellion. It didn’t help that he was hearing his daughter discuss intimate details of her childhood with Molyneux in public podcasts. Mr. Cowgill posted on the Freedomain Radio Forum under the alias “defooddad” before being banned.It was around this time that he discovered the Liberating Minds Forum, ‘LiMi’, where banned FDR members would frequently post. LiMi provided Keith with all the sympathy and validation he needed to escalate his fight against Freedomain Radio.

I remember one early attempt at discovering what I wanted to do with my life when I was an adolescent being pretty cruelly shot down by my dad, even though I believe he apologized for it later. I told him I was thinking of going into psychology, and I could sense the disapproval. I really wanted to know what he thought though, and was confused by his reluctance to tell me. Finally, he seemed irritated enough and said, “I think people who go into psychology think they’re fucked up and want to figure out why they’re fucked up.” I don’t remember if this was at the same time, but I was told what a laughably easy major it was and what a joke it was. I couldn’t fully articulate my feelings of hurt and rejection then, but now I realize it demonstrated a complete alienation of me and my character to satisfy whatever chip he had on his shoulder about some psychology major. The obvious implication by uttering that sentence was, “If you go into this major, this is what I will think of you.” It showed no trust in all of my good qualities as a person that he claimed to love to put this kind of condition on me. If I was the wonderful daughter that he loved so much and raised so well, surely I wouldn’t major in psychology because it’s easy or because I was so utterly broken, so why even bother saying that? It’s something that sticks out in my mind as a completely inexplicable act of manipulation and chosen ignorance towards me. I know for a fact that I was beaten by a caretaker of mine as a child. I know she would take us into the bathroom and beat us, but I don’t at all remember it. I have a memory of many things that would happen prior to the incident of me being beaten, I have a memory of exactly what led to it, I have a recollection of the tears and humiliation afterward, but I don’t have a recollection of the beating. I have one single image of being jerked around by the arm and meeting her scowling face.

Colleen Cowgill

Keith's Daughter

After finishing reading Real Time Relationships, Keith Cowgill believed he had enough of a grasp on FDR that maybe Colleen would respond to him. He wrote two heartfelt emails absolutely begging his daughter to give him a second chance. Colleen thought it appropriate to read these emails in public podcasts for Molyneuxvian analysis. After Molyneux made it clear that he “thinks Keith is pathetic”, Colleen chose not to respond to her distraught Father. Humiliated and enraged, Mr Cowgill knew he would have to take on Molyneux directly.

Keith, under the alias “QuestEon”, founded the FDR Liberated blog and forum as a kind of cult support group. He was also coordinating with other parents suffering a DeFOO, in particular the parents of Richard Knitter and Phil Crimmins. It was in all likelihood this small group of parents that was successful in ending Christina’s involvement in Freedomain Radio. The controversy nearly cost Christina her career. This was a huge victory for Keith, but it wasn’t enough to get back Colleen. Luckily for the Cowgill’s, their daughter would soon ReFOO.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Richard Knitter, and distancing herself from FDR, Colleen was in need of a new support system. She chose to forgo her philosophical ambitions, forgive her childhood abuses, and make the call to her parents.

Edward Cowgill was arrested on November 25, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. Cowgill was charged on 1 total counts, including "omvi"

Edward Cowgill was arrested on November 25, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. Cowgill was charged on 1 total counts, including “omvi”

Keith’s son Edward has had a difficult life. He abused drugs and alcohol during his teens and early twenties, self-medicating the ruthless abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents. On November 25th 2009, Edward Cowgill was arrested for presumably drunk driving. He was charged with ‘OMVI’, Operating a Motor Vehicle while Impaired. The timing of this crime, occurring the day before Thanksgiving would suggest that this was a kind of cry for help; Eddie’s desperate desire for his family to see how unhappy he was.


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