The Truth about Stefan Molyneux’s Inner Circle. These are the stories of a few of Molyneux’s once most loyal friends. Some have remained loyal, but most have reconnected with their abusive families and slandered the Freedomain Radio community. This article will serve to expose their histories and hypocrisies.

As the Freedomain Radio conversation turned to the topic of familial corruption, some members became particularly interested. As part of becoming morally consistent, these young followers donated thousands of dollars to Molyneux. These generous donations were enough to earn personal therapy sessions. Therein, Molyneux would analyze dreams, initiate parent-child roleplays, and instruct the subject on DeFOOing. These listeners came to know Molyneux as one of the greatest philosopher of all time, and that they themselves were enlightened, philosopher kings of the highest virtue.

Molyneux started a private section on the boards titled ‘Friends Of FDR’ (Referenced in #1373 at ~ 19:00) for these dedicated few. Donations were necessary but not sufficient to gain access to this forum. One had to prove a serious dedication to DeFOOing. After ostracizing their families these “Friends of FDR” began forming their own tribe. A large cluster of Inner Circle members moved into an apartment in Pennsylvania (Referenced in #1394 and #1861). Stefan would make personal visits to this apartment to discuss philosophy and give advice.

A huge part of the DeFOO process is creating a journal of ones experiences, thoughts and feelings. Nearly every Inner Circle member had started a blog detailing their self knowledge journeys through Freedomain Radio. They published in depth histories regarding their childhoods and familial relationships. Molyneux encouraged this, and would advertise many of the blogs on his own website. Though the blogs have been deleted now, a majority of the content has been archived for a full understanding of the enlightenment this conversation can give you.

During the Ask A Therapist controversy, Stefan began to feel resentment for some of these individuals. He began to suspect that they were only using Freedomain Radio for their personal benefit, and weren’t truly ‘Friends of FDR’. He felt that because Christina had offered advice almost universally to inner circle members, that they were responsible for her legal troubles, according to Greg Minton. Furthermore conflicts amongst the members themselves escalated. Ted Wray’s girlfriend, Nikki Wray had an affair with Phil Crimmins. Molyneux rightly counseled Ted to ostracize Nikki.

“Back when the stuff with Christina was going on, Stef expressed some upset about me and a few other inner circle members not, ‘anticipating his needs’.”
Greg Minton

The details of the Inner Circle controversy can be read on the members personal pages. Needless to say, feelings were hurt and these individuals soon parted ways. After years of participating in FDR, most have reconnected with their families of origin. Today, Molyneux is very careful not to get too close to listeners. He no longer hosts barbecues and rarely attends public events. After a long series of betrayals it is simply not worth the risk.


  1. Anonymous


  2. Tracy Richardson

    I love the idea of a “commune” of friends with a common interest sharing their lives. It never works out. The members that tend to join these groups are those of society that have little responsibility like families, businesses, talent. They are involved in the group because they are inherently selfish have have a lot of free time. When they inevitably don’t get their way or don’t get enough attention from the “cult leader”, they attack the leader and find other ways to get attention for themselves. It is such a shame. Stefan is the one expressing the ideas to bring us together yet he is the one getting the blame for the faults and failures of each of us. The key to overcome is to focus on the ideas and not the individuals. Ideas precede action, and we need a critical mass of people to deeply understand the ideas. The ideas are sound so cult or not, I’m willing to join.

  3. fred

    ok. So there’s an interview with Joe Rogan where Molyneux says :
    1) “I don’t have an inner circle” (in relationship to question about DeFOOing

    and here’s there’s literally an “inner circle” page. I’m a bit confused. Isn’t that a lie ? And isn’t lying unethical ?

    2) Stefan says about his daughter (who seems adorable btw) that she’s the only (paraphrasing) ‘not abused’ child ever to have existed. That’s just preposterous. A) he has no way of knowing that B) that is clearly tainted from his own views about his childhood, there’s plenty of people who just want to help their child think for themselves and develop solid ethics. Furthermore it’s needlessly insulting of literally every other parent in existence.

    • Kool Kid Klub

      No, I think he may be right in this assertion. When I think of the parenting methodology he ascribes too, I don’t think there is any child in the world that has experienced what he does with his daughter. No yelling, hitting, emotional neglect, overall neglect. One to 2 punishments overall and only using negotiations. Not ordering her around but only making suggestions. I think his daughter may be ground Zero.

      • Anonymous

        It’s called ‘attachment parenting’ and for those of you who are interested in the subject, I suggest checking out William and Martha Sears’ books. The movement is gaining more and more popularity in several European countries, e.g. Poland, with seminars and workshops and specialists guiding parents who want to raise their children in a peaceful way.

  4. Anonymous

    I can see their viewpoint. I hope it works out. Myself, I plan to defoo. Soon enough!

  5. Mike

    Don’t worry Stef, I’ll shut it down for you. Just say the word…

    • Was

      Shut it Down. Do it

  6. Oy Vey

    Jeez. I stumbled on Stefan’s youtube videos about current events. He has a lot of talent for that. I checked out his videos on philosophy. Not bad. Now I found this and I have seen video footage wherein he explains that a true philosopher must defoo if he first asks family of origin and friends to accept Stefan’s political theores. That combined with his offering “therapy” to an inner circle. He is building a cult. He may not be aware of it exactly. But you have to see there is something off here. And yes, telling Rogan he doesn’t have an inner circle was a lie. You have to ask yourself “why would he lie about that?”


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