Hannah Braime

Hannah Braime

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member



Hannah Braime was a member of Molyneux’s Inner Circle. Though not the most active member, she had a profound interest in overcoming her childhood trauma. Hannah was for many years a full on goth; her wardrobe was entirely black. She even wore all black to Inner Circle meetings. In Podcast 930, she confesses to a dark history and nihilistic fantasies.

Molyneux Psychoanalyzes Hannah Braime and her Dark History

Hannah was sexually abused as a child. Now in her adult life, she struggles to have healthy relationships. This was a core issue that Hannah believed Molyneux could help her resolve. Hannah’s then boyfriend James Lee cheated on her. In Premium Podcast 106, Molyneux psychoanalyzes James and Hannah’s relationship. Hannah responded by having a one night stand with a guy named Ben. She did this while James was sleeping in the same apartment as a kind of revenge.

Molyneux Psychoanalyzes James Lee, Hannah's Boyfriend

Hannah Braime walking with Stefan Molyneux at Inner Circle meeting

Soon thereafter, Hannah broke up with James. But she wouldn’t be single for long. Phil Crimmins, another Inner Circle member,  was one of Hannah’s potential suitors. Phil was being particularly flirtatious. Hannah wasn’t interested and nothing happened between them. Jake Desyllas, Inner Circle Member and one of the single largest donators in Freedomain Radio history, took a liking to Hannah. The two began dating and are now married. Jake is old enough to be Hannah’s father. Molyneux holds that it is impossible for a romantic relationship to be healthy when there is more than a ten year age difference.


James Lee – Hannah’s Ex-Boyfriend


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