Greg Minton

Greg Minton

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member

Contact Information:

  • 1245 S Marshall St. Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • (724) 964-6866
  • Born: 09-30-1988
  • 536 N 19th St, 2R, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130
  • 1914 Taylor Ave, Evansville, Indiana 47714
  • (812) 618-1464

Family Of Origin

  • Donald and Sheryl Minton
  • Brother: Scott R. Minton
  • 528 Wyndclyff Dr. Evansville, IN 47711-2790
  • (812) 424-0342

Greg Breaks into Tears over Childhood

by Freedomain Radio | Gold Series

I had a suicide attempt while I was in Freedomain Radio. What happened was he (Stefan) called me after he heard about the attempt and he asked me “how many years do you think that you would have set the freedom movement behind had you completed your suicide attempt?”

The implied message there being: I would have set the movement back because of the negative publicity that would have occured, the cult accusations that would have occured, and Freedomain Radio is the last bastion of hope for the liberty movement.

Greg Minton

Inner Circle Member

Molyneux was generous enough to make a video to help Greg with his little writing career

I think I fundamentally ended up leaving because Stefan made specific promises about the quality of the relationships that I would have as a result of Freedomain Radio and those promises just didn’t bare themselves out.

The relationships and friendships at FDR were so ephemeral.You would be friends with somebody for three months, five months, six months, a year, and then something would happen and then either you were shut out from that friend or they were shut out from you.

After my suicide attempt, Stef told me that I needed to take a break from the community.

Greg Minton

Inner Circle Member

Greg Minton at Stefan Molyneux's Home

Greg speaks as if he was a victim of a cold and unforgiving cult. In reality, Stefan Molyneux and the community could not have been more supportive. Greg was abusive to the other community members. He didn’t voluntarily “leave”, he was ostracized. After scamming Michael DeMarco out of $4000, the Inner Circle washed their hands of him.

One of those people (Minton) was a close friend of mine but then essentially stole $4000 from me… and it’s not like I’m rich or anything, so needless to say, that hurts quite a bit financially. Me and other mutual friends washed our hands of him after that… so it’s not surprising behavior. It’s much easier to project your own assholish-ness onto an external entity than take personal responsibility for your own evil and betrayal.

From the situation, I got to learn a whole lot about my own vulnerabilities, insecurities and blind spots to allow myself to have people capable of such terrible behavior in my life. It helped me grow quite a bit, but it was incredibly painful at the time… that being said, it’s rather bizarre to see somebody publicly trash you when you have enough evidence to EASILY pursue civil and criminal prosecution against them. Not too smart…

Michael M DeMarco

December 13, 2014

Greg Minton with Inner Circle

Podcast Appearances

Level Download Description
897 Stefan and Greg discuss the cost savings of a potential DeFOO.
1047 Greg talks about his anxiety around defooing. He keeps coming up with excuses to delay the defoo. He is transferring from Berkeley to Maryland University with a 50% scholarship. Greg breaks down into tears. His parents would shame him if he didn’t get perfect A’s in school. They ordered him to start his homework by 3:30 every day.
1203 In a group conversation on sibling relationships, Greg Minton discusses his relationship with his younger brother, Scott Minton. Greg talks about an incident where his father was yelling at him and Greg said “You never yell at Scott.” Greg’as father replied, “Don’t worry he will have his day.” Greg confessed he would harass and torment Scott throughout their childhoods.
1280 Greg is feeling depressed after seeing a picture that brings back bad memories.
Inner Child As Master Respect for the power of the child.

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