Greg Gauthier

Greg Gauthier

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member

Gregory M Gauthier was the first member of what would become the Molyneux’s Inner Circle. It was Greg’s dedication and donations that validated Molyneux’s confidence that Freedomain Radio would be a success. Shortly after Molyneux decided to work on FDR full time, Greg was hired to help with various projects including operating the website and the community blogging project. Most of Greg’s time was spent simply posting on the board and participating in podcasts. Though his account has been deleted now, he has over 20,000 posts on the board.
Level Download Description
246 Greg participates in one of the first call in shows. He talks about the receptivity of ideas to kids. He sometimes gets called the “Crazy Uncle”.
320 Greg participates in one of the first call in shows.
734 Greg Gauthier discusses his love and fear of women. Nathan McKaskle is discussed.
782 Stefan analyzes Greg’s Eavesdropping on the dead Dream.
1047 Greg talks about his anger. One time he beat a lawnmower with a hammer until the engine cracked in half. Child abuse defenders also provoke extreme anger in Greg.
1054 at 29:30 Greg asks about engaging with the mecosystem.
1203 Greg talks about his relationship with his brothers during his childhood. He talks about a story where his brother had taken crayons from their father’s desk that he wasn’t supposed to touch. When their father confronted them about this at dinner, Greg took responsibility. He was then assaulted by his father. Greg understand that he has projected his feelings for his brothers onto Qtronman(debate with Stefan).
QA Automation Engineer, Articulate Global Inc. 4/2011 — present New York, NY I used Selenium 2 C# WebDriver in Visual Studio 2010, to automate testing of web applications written in .Net Framework 4. I wrote the original test harness in IronPython, but rewrote it using the C# libraries for better integration into the development environment preferred by the dev team, and for more reliable results. – I then worked for about 6 months with Ruby 1.9x, Rspec, and Capybara, to help with automation of functional and acceptance tests for a new Rails project. – Presently, I am writing JavaScript in TestComplete on Windows, to automate front-end testing of a suite of e- learning authoring desktop tools, written in .Net, including the use of the Office Interop VBA library. – I’ve also acted as a mentor to junior team members and trained them in using Selenium and other QA tools. QA Automation Engineer, Wireless Generation 11/2009 — 4/2011 New York, NY – I wrote automated functional testing modules, and other utilities using Python and the Pylons framework in an Agile environment, to support several large web-based applications. – I supported application builds, data rollovers, and software releases with scripts written in Python and Java. – I also installed and configured Selenium Grid and Selenium 2.0, including writing an entire test harness to drive Internet Explorer tests, in Python. Infrastructure Technical Support Specialist (contract), IBM 1/2009 — 11/2009 Raleigh, NC I wrote Perl, Bash, and Javascript scripts to automate repetitive tasks performed by customer service representatives, trap exception events, and automate specialist workflows exploiting environmental, API, and command-line features built into Tivoli Netcool Webtop 2.2. – I wrote process automation and application integration scripts in VBScript on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. I also assisted on a CentOS development environment build-out and the implementation of homegrown remote systems management scripts, written in Perl and BASH. – I also helped to debug a Python application for an IBM telephony installation, and did troubleshooting of technical issues in front-line technical infrastructure for the Raleigh-Durham International Airport Terminal 2 build-out. Linux and Windows Web Server Administration and Support Specialist, Techrobatics 8/2007 — 1/2009 Grayslake, IL I worked as an independent contractor, installing, maintaining and supporting Windows, Linux, and Unix OS web servers, SQL databases, and other applications for a number of small-business and startup clients. My responsibilities included making infrastructure and application recommendations, writing and executing automated backups to Amazon S3, and providing 24×7 on-call support. Linux/Unix Systems Administration, Hewitt Associates 1/2006 — 5/2007 Lincolnshire, IL – I installed, upgraded, monitored, and performed problem determination tasks for a wide array of Sun and IBM Unix hardware in a geographically dispersed Unix server environment, including Solaris, Red Hat, HP/UX, and AIX. – I wrote many scripts and utilities to assist operations teams with monitoring, application recovery, root-cause analysis, and availability reporting tasks Enterprise Automation Specialist, Hewitt Associates 1/1998 — 1/2006 Lincolnshire, IL I authored and maintained an extensive library of interpreted language scripts, including Rexx, Perl, SWI Prolog, and Korn, as well as some C and Java, for a wide variety of environments from desktop PC to distributed servers to mainframes. – I implemented and maintained a wide array of management, monitoring, and automation software such as CA Automation Point, Tivoli Netview, Tivoli Enterprise Console, and BMC Patrol. I also assisted operations teams with automation and system-related issues, and performed basic administration and maintenance of mainframe automation software.


Independent study in Python, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby, iOS development, and HTML5 using Code School and other outlets. – Information Technology, University of Phoenix, 2002-2004 – Computer Information Systems, College of Lake County, 1985-1987


Programming Languages: Shell (10 years), Perl (5 yrs), PHP (2 years), Python (3 yrs), C# (2 yrs), Javascript (2 yrs), VB (5 yrs), Bash (5 yrs), SQL (2 years), Ruby (1 yr), Java (1 yr) – Testing: TestComplete, Selenium Webdriver (C#, Python, and Ruby), Capybara – Development Technologies: Git, JSON, Jenkins, CVS, MongoDB – Project Management: TeamCity, FogBugz, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Rally, Remedy, Jira – Operating Systems:Mac OSX, Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Linux (RHEL 6 and 7, OpenSUSE10, CentOS, Ubuntu 8, 9, and 10), Solaris 7, 8, and 10. – System Administration: Apache 2, IIS 6 and 7, Netscape, IBM Websphere, SQL Server, MySQL, VMWare, others. – Other Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook), OpenOffice, Entourage – Professional Skills: Agile Development Methodology, PMI approved project management training, technical training and documentation, and strong written language skills.

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    This Greg guy actually seems the most sympathetic character in the whole circle. Nathan McKaskle is the worst.


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