Colleen Cowgill

Colleen Cowgill

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member

Born: August 9th, 1987


  • Dominique Diamond
  • sw33tLiberty
  • BiggerThanBothofMe
  • FitTheShoe

Family Of Origin:

Phone Numbers:

  • (614) 783-2056
  • (614) 775-9037
  • (678) 705-2777

Location History:

  • 8731 Swisher Creek Xing, New Albany, OH 43054
  • 302 Deering Rd, Atlanta, GA 30309
  • 1362 Binder Pl, Atlanta, GA 30307
  • 637 Vista Dr, Columbus, OH 43230

Criminal Record:

  • Colleen M Cowgill
  • Case #: IRM400291Cowgill
  • Type: Criminal/traffic
  • Date: 04/09/2011
  • Court: CA Orange Superior Court

Colleen Cowgill was a member of the Inner Circle of Freedomain Radio. She struggles with narcissistic personality disorder as a result of abuse in childhood. Molyneux tried to help her, but in the end her vanity triumphed over philosophy. Colleen couldn’t accept that Molyneux had started a movement that was bigger than her, and felt heartbroken if he didn’t respond to her skype messages.

In March of 2008 Colleen chose to DeFOO. Stefan Molyneux cautions people to not DeFOO unless they are entirely certain in their decision. A reuniting with the parents would cause you to be seen as unstable, and discredit any moral stance you once held. Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what Colleen did. When things fell apart with her boyfriend, Richard Knitter, Colleen was strapped for cash. She decided the whole philosophy thing wasn’t really working out and chose to reconnect with her abusive parents. Keith and Mary relieved her of any responsibility and placed all the blame on the Stefan Molyneux.

After the breakup, she hoped to attract a new male and was having trouble without the use of makeup. She has struggled with acne and feels insecure if people can see it. Colleen now applies a thick layer of foundation, nearly as thick as her false self.

In the wake of the DMCA Controversy, Colleen saw a perfect opportunity to exact her vengeance on Molyneux. She would use these events to start her BiggerThanBothofMe Youtube Channel and publicize her experiences in Freedomain Radio. Colleen’s father, Keith Cowgill, is the creator of FDRLiberated. She was not public about this conflict of interest from the beginning. Keith pressured her to publicly betray Stefan Molyneux to ensure that she would never DeFOO again.

If a woman is applying copious amounts of make-up, selecting revealing clothing, spending lots of money dying her hair to whatever society deems more attractive at the time, lying under a UV lamp and risking skin cancer to have a more attractive skin color, and wearing uncomfortable heels to work long hours for the sake of shaping her calves and giving her height, we can see what she really values in herself, despite what she might say. She wears a low-cup top knowing men will be distracted by her cleavage, and apparently prefers to do this over the alternative of not producing that effect by wearing a top that doesn’t show cleavage.

Note: Colleen is attempting to censor this information. She was successful in getting to exclude her blog page. A new archive has been uploaded.

Colleen Cowgill

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member, sw33tliberty blog post

In a Freedomain Radio podcast on sibling abuse, Colleen says that both she and her brother Edward Cowgill were physically abused as children. Though, she was considered the favorite child and thus received less abuse than her brother. Her parents, Keith and Mary Cowgill, are irrational, mystic, Christians. They forced their children to attend church and threatened them with Hell when they objected to this. If the children were too loud in church, Keith and Mary would shame them(1034).

Colleen believes she was molested as an infant or toddler and that her parents kept this a secret, hoping she would forget. She believes this caused all manner of degeneracy and promiscuous behavior at much too young of age. She sent naked photographs to boys at as early as 14. She had sex with a 20 year old male when she was only 15.

Colleen goes into further detail regarding her sexual history:

When I hit adolescence, I wore the most form-fitting, revealing clothing I was allowed. I engaged in the most provocative behavior whenever I could and when the guilt wasn’t too much. I was repeatedly hurt by what happened to me and by the knowledge of what I did, but I kept doing it anyway. I kept seducing. When I was around 14 or 15, I gave naked pictures of myself to strangers, despite the enormous amount of anxiety this created for me. I had a relationship with a 20 year old man when I was 15, and it immediately turned sexual. He later went on to abuse me outright and sexually humiliate me, but it took me months to pry myself away from that person.

This seductive behavior continued, to a lesser degree, until most recently. I hated it. I hated myself for it, but in the moment, it seems as if nothing else matters. I wanted that person to pounce on me. Even if I said in my head that I would reject it after the moment that it happened, I wanted the advance to occur.

Note: Colleen is attempting to censor this information. She was successful in getting to exclude her blog page. A new archive has been uploaded.

Colleen Cowgill

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member, Personal Blog

As a result of rejecting philosophy, Colleen is now stuck in perpetual adolescence. She’s almost 30 and still childless and in college. As was predicted by years ago, she has broken up with her fiance Courtney Hunter. Now she smugly brags about her new non-white boyfriend. Keith must be thrilled. Maybe Molyneux wasn’t the cause of the Cowgill’s problems after all.

I just listened to a Freedomain podcast on molestation, and it gave me the most horrific reaction that I’ve had listening to any podcasts. I started to breath heavily and I eventually started gagging. I don’t know why it happened. It started at a point in the podcast where he said, “There’s a reason why you feel creepy…” Something just hit me all at once, and I still don’t understand it.

In high school during study hall, a boy sitting next to me touched me under the table. I felt terrified, but I didn’t do anything to resist. I didn’t tell a teacher afterwards.

Earlier in my life, in middle school, a boy I was with began touching me, without warning, when we were alone near a lake. I felt sickened for days afterward. Later when I told the story to just a few people, I lied and said that I defended myself and got away. In reality, I did nothing.

These two incidents, coupled with a lot of my sexual behavior throughout my life, show me something very dark. There’s a reason that people who experience sexual attacks are usually repeatedly preyed upon. The person doing the attacking usually knows his victim won’t resist and that they won’t tell. Young girls don’t just naturally become afraid to take even the slightest action toward self-preservation and become totally unable to assert any kind of self-ownership. I was ripe for predation at age 13, probably before. How I got there, I have no idea.

Note: Colleen is attempting to censor this information. She was successful in getting to exclude her blog page. A new archive has been uploaded.

Colleen Cowgill

Molyneux's Inner Circle Member, sw33tliberty blog

Level Download Description
806 Stefan analyzes Colleen’s “Gunner dream”. Colleen does not participate in the call. Information provided for the dream analysis matches with Colleen’s personal blog.
943 Colleen and Stefan discuss Colleen’s concerns about Ricky Cisco. Ricky is deleting his social media accounts and shaving his head. Colleen talks about how her brother Edward would skip school, spent a lot of time online, and began heavy drinking. Her parents never tried to find out why he was behaving like this, but merely got frustrated with him. Keith and Mary always thought of Edward as “the bad child”, yelling and lecturing at him. Colleen says that her father Keith Cowgill, was very controlling. Whatever he said was final and there was no negotiation. If his decisions were ever questioned, he felt that the family was “conspiring against him”.
965 Richard Knitter and Colleen discuss their relationship difficulties. Rich begins to realize that he shouldn’t underestimate his mother.
991 Colleen is in tears. She has started moving towards financial independence and her parents don’t like it. Keith Cowgill is furious. He calls Colleen “childish”. Colleen says that she would feel relieved if her parents died.
1034 Colleen calls Stefan Molyneux for help with her depression. Richard Knitter listens in offering Colleen his support. They discuss how Colleen’s parents cared more about the church community than they ever cared about their own children. She talks about how they made her feel pathetic and worthless as a projection of their own feelings of worthlessness. That there is no restitution possible from her parents.
1145 Stefan analyzes Colleen’s Falling Stories dream.
1053 Colleen participates in a conference call on Friendships. She is having a conflict with her friends “Laverne” and “Shirley”. They discuss how this all is rooted in Colleen’s relationship with her Mother.
1160 Colleen participates in a womyn’s discussion.
1191 Colleen has said that Stefan pressured her into leading Freedomain Radio podcasts. Funny thing is, Colleen actually says that she suggested the idea of leading the Women’s Conference podcast. Yet another blatant lie.
1207 Colleen leads a discussion on the role of women in philosophy and change in the world.
1283 – Body Issues Colleen leads a discussion on body issues.
Freedom From Slavery Part 1 Colleen reads a very heartfelt letter from her father, Keith Cowgill.
Freedom From Slavery Part 2 Colleen reads a followup letter from her father, Keith Cowgill.


  1. ArroganceBiggerThanMySplitPersonalities

    Colleen Cowgill deleted every single comment on all her Youtube videos. She is still very unstable and doesn’t listen to anyone who disagrees with whatever her most current opinion happens to be. Hopefully she won’t end up in a position of power over people except maybe working in a hair salon or something.

  2. Anonymous

    It sucks after all of Stefans work to try and show Colleen what a monster her father is she falls right back into her parents hands…


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