Christina Papadopoulos Molyneux

Christina Papadopoulos Molyneux

Co-Founder of Meadowvale Psychotherapy

Husband: Stefan Molyneux
Daughter: Isabella Molyneux

Christina Papadopoulos Molyneux is Stefan Molyneux’s wife and the mother of his child. She has been a professional therapist for over 20 years and owns the Meadowvale PsychoTherapy clinic in Mississauga, Ontario.

Christina and Stefan Molyneux met each other through their volleyball team. The team had planned to go out for drinks one night, but canceled at the last minute. Stefan asked Christina to go out for drinks, privately. Stefan talked about his book “Revolutions” that he was working on getting published. Christina found him to be a very interesting man. The next day at work, she told her co-worker all about the night and emailed Stefan telling him she would love to go out again.

Christina had dated many, as she describes, “players”. She has mentioned one such partner who couldn’t even pronounce the word “psychology”. Nearly 40 years old, it was urgent that Christina settle down and have kids, before it was too late. She made it clear to Stefan that she wasn’t looking for a player and having children was a top priority. Stefan respected this honesty, and they were married within a year.

Luckily, Stefan and Christina were able to have one daughter, Isabella Molyneux. They would have liked to have more children, but Christina has already hit menopause.

Stefan has said that without Christina, Freedomain Radio would not exist. Her contributions have been the distinguishing factor between FDR and the rest of the liberty movement.

When the two first met, Christina was not an anarchist, atheist, nor had she done a DeFOO. Stefan has been accused of pressuring her into DeFOOing. Others have wondered why Stefan even gave Christina a chance, given that she believed in a “higher power”. In a conference call entitled “The Women’s Council”, Christina answers this question:

Given that I had counseled people to leave their families, I wasn’t opposed to the idea. So when it came time for me to explore my relationship with my family and really look at it in a way I hadn’t before, I was already open to the idea. Again, not that everybody needs to DeFOO. But, it wasn’t a foreign concept to me, it wasn’t something that I had to learn to accept or work through to understand. Because there is a lot of opposition to the DeFOO. But it was something that you know, I advocated. People that come from abusive families; don’t stay with your family. So we weren’t too far apart on that, except that Stef had actually gone and done it. And I hadn’t really looked at my family close enough to make that decision.

Christina Papadopoulos

Therapist, Meadowvale Psychological Services

In the ‘Ask A Therapist’ podcast series, Freedomain Radio listeners could send their questions in for Christina’s psychological guidance. Initially, Christina put up a lot of resistance to participating in podcasts. She didn’t like offering advice over the internet and expressed concerns about getting into legal problems with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the board that licenses her clinic. Underestimating the anger that would surround these podcasts, Stefan assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem.

After a series of complaints from angry parents, Christina’s licensing board began an investigation. They found her guilty of professional misconduct. This was extremely stressful for Stefan considering he would have been responsible for ruining his wife’s career. Arguments commenced with members of the Inner Circle for not offering him enough support throughout this tribulation. Luckily Christina was only reprimanded and her practice continues today.

Christina’s DeFOO

Two years after marrying Stefan, Christina made the difficult decision to DeFOO. Her parents have continuously harassed she and Stefan for years. Here is an example of one of their emotionally manipulative emails attempting to lure Christina back to them:

“Dear Christina and Stefan, Hello.

Just to let you know, on October the 8th we are going to Greece. Christina it has been almost two years time since we last saw you and you said “a few months”.  We have respected your wish and we have not bothered you other than a couple of ‘just to let you know’ notices. Ma is very depressed and cries everyday, very seldom smiles. We really really wish and hope to see you and Stefan, or at least talk to you on the phone before we go, and if we have said or done anything unintentionally that hurt or offended you, please forgive us as we don’t hold anything against you. The only thing that we have for you is love and only love. Love that comes from the heart. So please, if you can find “it” in your heart, call us. We only want to know how you are, and with that we wish you and Stefan health, love, happiness, and prosperity and all your dreams and wishes to come true.
With love, Ma and Ba”

Christina replied:

“Dear Ma and Ba.

I received your letter this week. I was afraid to open it. I feared so many things. It pained me to read it. I realize that it is nearing two years since we last saw each other. I am amazed by that. I think of you everday. I wonder how you are, I wonder what you’re thinking, and I wonder what you’re saying to yourselves about my absence. I am not unfeeling or uncaring as you might perseve me to be. It has never been my intention to hurt you or punish you, it is only because I have been hurt and mistreated that I felt it necessary to distance myself from you. Having read your letter I was painfully disapointed to see that you have not realized this. Two years have passed and you still don’t understand why I have left you. I don’t know that you have even made any effort to find out by trying to understand your own actions toward me. I believe this because of the contents in your letter, you blame me for Ma’s depression and then you insult me by suggesting that I have no feelings. You try to use guilt to make me act. Ma did this earlier this year when she called to insist that I attend at your surgery. The only message I received from your correspondence is how badly I’ve hurt you. There is never any credible admission of responsibility on your part, or any genuine curiosity about why this has all happened. What I’ve realized in the past two years and in the year leading up to our last conversation is just how manipulative and self centered you are. You claim that you would do anything for your children, but nothing is for your children. Your needs, your desires, your self image. Sadly, I don’t believe you will ever understand this about yourselves. I can’t and I won’t subject myself to your narcissism and will not allow myself to be susceptible to your guilt. Since this is how you operate, we have no relationship. Leave me alone. Each time you try to contact me you only make it worse for yourselves, because it is more obvious to me how you operate and what your end goals are. You draw less sympathy from me each time. “


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist


by Christina Papadopoulos | Ask A Therapist

Podcast Appearances
  • 341 – Conflict Resolution Part 3 – Christina and Stef talk about their rules for resolving conflicts. They discuss what Stefan has termed “zinging”. They refer to a conflict around the location of the house. They had originally bought the home in Mississauga because it was close to Christina’s parents home. After her DeFOO, the location no longer made sense. Stef suggested that they move to Richmond and she immediately dismissed the idea.
  • 504 – A Good Wife The search for perfection / Is all very well / But to look for heaven / Is to live here in hell
  • 724 – Christina’s Resistance Stef and Christina discuss Christina’s resistance to participating in FDR. She talks about her fear of losing her license to practice psychotherapy. She doesn’t want to change just world, she just wants the “beer commercial” life style.
  • 993 – Sunday Show 2/24/2008 Changing others without lecturing, Christina on group therapy, and Stef role-play with a listener’s inner critic…
  • 1144 – September 7 2008 Christina takes to the airwaves once more, to discuss a variety of psychological topics — including physical self-care and the benefits of meditation…


  1. Peter Nový

    Congrat’s to both of you Christina and Stefan. I am HUGE fan of Stef and his work and thank you Chris for making it possible…. All the best to all in your lifes and family.

  2. Matt P.

    What a great couple! These two have done a tremendous job of enlightening and educating people in an open, honest, mature and straightforward way.

  3. Rob

    I removed my highly abusive father from my life at the age of 16, 13 years before I had even heard of Stefan Molyneux.
    To anyone who is smart and courageous enough the truth is self evident that just because someone is blood related, it is not a licence for them to treat you however they like, and that you have to put up with it.

    Congrats on Stefan and Christina for getting the message out to more people that even family relationships must be founded on respect and genuine connection and love… not simply being duty bound to accept the abuse of people because they were born your family.

    • not abuse

      Rob, you are missing the point. Stefan is promoting that kids cut all family ties for things that are not abuse, ie. If parents got divorced, if parents held religious beliefs, if the parents yelled at them, if parents disagree with them, if parents sent them to college, etc.

      • James

        That is utterly ridiculous. Make up lies very much?

        • Brian

          Ok, James. Denial much?

  4. Robert Litchfield

    I am a relative newcomer to the world of Stefan Molyneux having discovered him and his “tubes” while reviewing some material about Donald Trump. My introduction was “the Untruth About Donald Trump”. As I watched this video, I discovered I had found a chorale voice. Stefan was saying the same things and pointing out the same vile mainstream media manipulation of “facts” that I had been decrying since the widespread acceptance of political correctness reared its ugly head in the late 1980’s. What I found most refreshing was his research of the actual facts and his willingness to call out the liars and expose their lies. These were not a matter of philosophical differences of opinion, these were facts. I will admit that I have not viewed much other than his Untruth/Truth series of videos for the simple reason that they are “tangible”. I can verify or debunk the various assertions by viewing the material myself and know that 25 cents plus 10 cents equals 35 cents. It doesn’t require mental hoop jumping or labryinthian arguments in order to reach definitive conclusions. When it comes to these particular tubes, I have to admit to finding very, very little in the way of inaccuracy or hyperbole. His delivery may, at times, be a bit over the top (demonstrated frustration) but I know that I have exhibited the same frustrations and have all but yelled at some I have argued with to CHECK THE DAMN FACTS! I tend to dislike those who spew a party line without conducting any research or being lazy in their research. Based on the little I actually know about the topic of “defoo” can I support its premise? No. Based on the little I know about it can I condemn it? No. I can say this with a very high degree of certainty, it is not a universal necessity. One need not and should not divorce themselves from their families and friends over a difference in belief or philosophy. It is these very differences that make us ask the questions and seek the answers. They are in fact the driving force in the advancement of mankind and the quest for knowledge and enlightenment. Removing yourself from a physically, emotionally or mentally abusive situation is a demonstration of the basic human drive for self preservation. These things are “tangibles” and can be documented and proven, and failure to remove or divorce yourself from them is patently self destructive. I come from a family where this did not occur. My parents and siblings and I freely and openly discussed a wide variety of topics disagreeing on many of them. My life was not diminished by these differences, I was in fact enriched by them. It is how I learned to be a critical thinker and thus find my “self”. I for one do not shy away or divorce myself from those with differing opinions, points of view or philosophy, I seek them out. I engage with them. By doing so, they force me to re-examine myself and re-validate my belief structure. Defoo’ing is not in my opinion a universal and is in fact counterproductive to individual and collective growth.

    • D

      Robert Litchfield said:

      >”One need not and should not divorce themselves from their families and friends over a difference in belief or philosophy.”

      Ahhh – You support associating with people who want you shot, then?

      • Stefanir

        Yeah, some people just don’t get it I guess. I had to DeFOO b/c my parents were abusive….. I didn’t stay like that for my whole life, just enough to get my life together and be able to talk to them with confidence. This website is bunk.

  5. Kricket Slik

    This poor woman.

    • Gabriel

      Not an argument.

    • Charels

      Not sure if I’d agree Kricket. Could be that they deserve each other. He saved her from post wall doom and she saved a mental patient and now they both look sort of normal coupled up..

  6. Jake Bishop

    Agreed, this woman is a hostage of terrible ideas. I believe her husband is clinically insane and somewhat deluded. I feel nothing but sympathy for the pair of them not to mention their daughter. She’ll be DEFOOing in due course no doubt, go on Isabella.

    • Reginald

      Any evidence to back up your vicious rhetoric?

        • Anonymous

          “Experts”? The only counter argument that guy you linked made is that if grow up to be an adult and can talk to a therapist you have not been abused because apparently it’s only abuse if you don’t make it into adulthood or are so mentally ill that you can’t even talk to a therapist.

          That’s literally the argument the guy you linked makes.

          “But if your adult child has a life that is organized well enough that he can complain to a therapist or a talk-show host about what you got wrong – you got everything that matters right.”

          How fucked up is that for gods sake?

          As if people who got sexually abused by their parents can’t talk to a therapist. And as if being able to communicate with a therapist means you were not abused.

          And there are no studies or statistics linked or rebutted. That’s not an expert but some dude with a blog.

      • to Reginald

        You want evidence : Listen to the postcast in this page.


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